I fell in love with jewelry when my agency stuctured and managed the strategic partnership between the American Heart Association and Solomon Brothers Fine Jewelry. In coordinating the official cocktail party, my office was filled with catalog after catalog of divine jewelry creations from a dozen different jewelry brands; each presenting necklaces and bracelets and rings (oh my!) in diverse incarnations of colored stones. I soon became immaculately passionate about color.

Give me rubies, sapphires and emeralds any day! I can just imagine the look on my future fiancée’s face when he presents me with an otherwise stunning white diamond engagement ring, and I think to myself “White diamond. Hmm…”

Joking. That won’t happen. All of my girlfriends have been instructed to inform this future fiancée that a colored diamond ring is the way to my heart.

All commentary aside, this week’s recommendations introduces us to Theo Fennell, a jewelry designer with an eye for detail and an equal love for color.  The ring to the left is one of my favorites from his collection.  Those who know me well may not be the least bit surprised in this choice for me….

The Luxury Industry is being forewarned yet again of a potential slow down. Sometimes I’m not sure how to regard these industry warnings as it’s one we’ve heard before, and one that manifests quite differently and usually more favorably than expected. I’m advising our clients to be optimistically cautious – hope for the best, plan for the worst and continue focusing on building those relationships with your customers. We’ll see what our Influencer Consortium tells us over the next few months as we move into the holidays.

Another phenomena I’ve been observing – the growth of Flash Sales Site and their implication to luxury regaining its luster. I posited in a LinkedIn post how these sites are affecting the perception of luxury goods, as why pay full price for an item at Saks when Gilt Group will offer a nice discount.  Reuters now suggests emerging problems with the original business models.  As in – luxury brands are no longer as generous with providing these sites with goods as they were when the flash sale site concept first emerged. Hmmm. Are we about to see a bubble burst?

And lastly, the world has now been introduced to the $34,700 chocolate cake. As a devoted mistress of La Maison du Chocolat, if this cake tastes anything like their Fine Champagne Truffles, I can assure you it’s worth every penny.

On to this week’s recommendations….