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On the Cultural Fight of Hermès and Building a Great Luxury Brand

I received an invitation to preview the Hermès film “Hearts and Crafts” on their website lesmainsdHermès.com. The film tells the story of the many who work hard to manufacture our beloved Hermès products. I’m not too fond of watching anything on my laptop since an honest effort to pay attention always turns into a multitasking campaign, as I simultaneously listen to (instead of watch), while checking emails and doing my weekly research into the affairs of the grand world of luxury. This film, however, made me stop, look and listen. Perhaps it’s because I’m now learning French and am always looking for opportunities to practice my listening (the film is entirely in French with subtitles), or more likely, because the film’s message resonated dramatically to me as someone who advises companies on how to build great luxury brands. Hermès has now, for me, become the epitome of a luxury company for which all others should be compared.

I can already hear a million declarations around the world of “mais bien sûr!” upon reading that last sentence…. continued